I wanted to write a special post to this amazing hotel in Saint Petersburg. I stayed in several hotels in my life : Paris, Barcelona, New-York, Miami… but it was nothing compared to how I felt in Avalon : a welcomed guest, almost like a long time friend.

Indeed, the owners, Emory and Mark, welcomed us in an incredible way. First, Emory gave us the room at 9 am whereas the check-in was basically at 3 pm, with coffee and cakes. Then, he helped us everytime we had a question and even offered us to call him if we need a ride.

The hotel is beautiful and very charismatic. Right on the porch, you will feel at home. The atmosphere is warm even if there is air conditioning.

The bed was huge (Ok, it was a king-size, but still),  the room was clean and the bathroom was white, as if we were the first one.

At 5pm, you can share white wine and some cheese in the bright lighted living room.What’s more, the Avalon’s sister hotel « Hollander » is same high level.You can enjoy great electro music while sipping Piña Colada (thanks again !) then fall asleep into the big blue pillows.  Hollander even lent us some towels.And the best service we couldn’t imagine : they dropped us where we wanted to go in a kart !

So if you had the opportunity to visit Saint Petersburg, go to the Avalon ! Your hopes will be filled and even more…